Front End Developer, Consultant & Interactive Art Director.

I’m a freelance web designer/developer with SEO and online marketing skills.

I specialize in web design, programming and web development. Not only am I an ambitious developer who is always seeking to expand my knowledge of everything on the web, I’m also an entrepreneur that thinks way outside the box. In my world, anything’s possible. And if it’s not, I’ll find a way to make it so.


Nothing. That’s what my teachers told me I would amount to growing up. And why? Because of the simple fact that I had, and still have, ADHD and didn’t fit inside their tiny box of what a proper student should be. But I didn’t let them get to me. Instead I found an industry where it’s OK to venture outside the box. And where anything’s possible.

I managed to use my ADHD in my favor and harness my abilities to be creative into starting up companies, landing high profile clients and making a name for myself all over the world. Not just as a successful consultant and web developer but as an entrepreneur who has communicated his knowledge, expertise and experience to dozens of other entrepreneurs, eager to make their mark on the world.

People turn to me because I don’t shy away from a challenge. I can tell you exactly what your company needs to make it and blossom in the business world – whether it be choosing the right staff and setting up a business modul or building a brand from scratch. I’m the man for the job. I’m not a guy who takes notes during meetings. I don’t even have Excel installed on my computer. But I listen to what people want and make their dreams into reality.

I feel comfortable speaking to groups of all sizes but the only thing I demand is that you have goals, visions and aim for the ultimate best. I’m flexible but firm and you can count on that I won’t ever lose my faith in you, so long as you have faith in you. But I don’t just focus on big and bold ideas. Every customer is unique and I do my very best to make him feel special, delivering first class creativity and work. This is why some of the most ambitious people out there turn to me for their online needs. Because I know that if a brand isn’t online, it’s dead.

I’ve been involved in web development for almost twenty years and have worked in Iceland, Germany, the Netherlands and England. I have contributed to many projects making use of my extensive knowledge of programming and design. As well as an extensive knowledge of development I also have a sound understanding of web usability issues. I have been working on interesting ideas through web services and have designed and developed bespoke solutions to suit client needs.

So if you have the desire to make something amazing I suggest you Get in touch right now.