Two nominations for the Web Awards

The Icelandic Web Awards were handed out this afternoon. I did everything in my power to stay awake since it was the middle of the night here in Thailand and I succeeded. Sort of. Maybe I dozed off a little bit and got awoken by the sound of an SMS telling me the results. But just maybe.

I was quite excited about the awards this year. I’ve taken part in some amazing projects that have been nominated through the years but I was especially proud of the Icelandic police force’s website that was nominated this year as best official website. The entries in that category were extremely strong so it was without a doubt just an honor to be nominated. And I’m not just saying that. I truly mean it.

But I won’t lie and say it was a pleasure to lose. It always sucks to lose but I’m really happy for all the winners. I love fierce competition and that’s so true for the modern day web developing world in Iceland.

But this award ceremony was double the excitement for me since I also worked on the website for Netgíró, and online payment service in Iceland. That site got nominated as best company website which is awesome.

These nominations mean a lot to me and just make me want to do better, think bigger and do greater things. And maybe next year I won’t lose. Either that or I’m turning into the Meryl Streep of the web developing world.