Design is not just picking out colors and making things look nice. Design is a very important part in reaching your online goals, whether it be on your website, on mobile apps or anything else involving the internet. I have more than two decades of experience designing solutions that work and make sure my clients are with me every step of the way. During the transition from dream to reality I create prototypes so you can see the end result before we head on to the development phase.


This is where the magic happens. I’m not only a designer, I’m also a developer. I can work in close collaborations with other developers to reach the finish line. I can also work solely on your project from start to finish, to infinity and beyond. For those who don’t know your designers from your developers, the developer basically takes the design and brings it to life. Lucky for you (and me) that I am exceptionally well skilled in both design and development. Win, win!


I have touched down on so many sides of the internet in my two decades of experience. I have also worked all over the world, for clients big and small. I have learnt so much along the way and am constantly broadening my horizon, because the internet is never full and never sleeps. That makes me an extremely good consultant, from everything to brand awareness and development to recruiting and hiring the best talent for you.

Online Marketing

For the last few years I have dabbled more and more into online marketing and now I’m up to my ears in knowledge. I’m not afraid to try new things when it comes to standing out online and I believe you have to dare to be bold to get your message across in the vast sea of marketing campaigns and gimmicks. I don’t offer quick fix solutions. I want your brand to flourish for years to come so I offer sustainable solutions, built to last.

And, if for any reason I don’t have a particular skill  to suit the job– I have a vast contact book of external experts to lend a hand.